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Cameron Smith is the director and personal trainer of Cam-e-Kaze Fitness and Well-Being (CAMFIT). Born in Ashfield, Sydney he now resides in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. He specialises in weight loss, body toning and sport specific training for athletes. He also  has qualifications in rehabilitation, massage therapy and boxing.  As a teenager Cameron was extremely sport orientated playing representative football in several codes and also being his college athletics captain. Cameron is willing to go above and beyond for his clients in order for them to achieve their goals. Before moving to Fitness First Platinum he was employed at Fitness First Lutwyche under his mentor and extremely successful personal trainer, Toby Gartner. Cameron has now settled  as a mobile trainer and dedicates a large portion of his life to the upcoming success of his clients.

CAMFIT believes in empowering others so as to create a stronger and healthier society. We believe that people should challenge themselves to improve and helping others along their personal journey is what gets us out of bed in the morning. 


Founded in 2012 by Cameron Smith, CAMFIT embraces the core values of commitment, teamwork and earning respect through hard work. We provide a working environment that is safe, friendly and full of energy, allowing us to pursue our passion of helping other people better themselves.


We pride ourselves on setting the bar high and will do whatever it takes to achieve the high standards that we aim for. It is our privilege to embark on this journey with you and by encouraging, teaching and supporting everyone we work with, we hope to help you achieve your fitness goals.