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Designed to  increase your physical capacity, total strength and cardiovascular respiratory endurance using our unique training techniques as well as having the flexibility of training for specific events/goals at a time that suits you. Your personal trainer will leave no stone unturned, ensuring you get the results you are after by helping you set goals, putting you in the right frame of mind, providing you with regular body composition assessments, fitness test and challenges to keep you on track and setting you up with personalised nutrition guidelines that are so easy to follow, but will transform your body and change your life.


CamFit Group Training is aimed at people who love the social aspect of fitness whilst still wanting professional results. This a great way to bond teams and make lifelong friends.
A cheaper alternative of training with beautiful locations in some of Brisbane's most exquisite locations.

Do you want achieve your goals?
How badly do you want them? 
See below 6 crucial questions to answer and see where you are really at with how you look and feel!

Do I want to look and feel better?
Yes. Of course you do, everyone wants to improve how they feel and look. There are so many benefits including; increased self-esteem, more daily energy and much more!

No. If you feel as though you're at your absolute healthiest and you couldn't possibly look or feel any better chances are that you're wrong. Everyone could feel better, don't you want more energy through the day? Do you think you're at the pinnacle of your fitness? Everyone would love more energy and fitness.

Is it time for me to finally make a change in my life?
Yes. You're probably sick of going through the motions of life and putting off these goals for other aspects of your life whether it be work, laziness, family or lack of motivation . However there is always time to train, 3 hours out of 168 in a week is not much. It's 1.8% of your time just on training. This is definetely acheivable.

No. If you're not willing to make the change in your life how do you expect to get results? You can't. In order to get results you must first make change. No miracle will help you here.

Am I willing to put 100% effort in to achieve my goals?
Yes. If you're willing to put in 100% and dedication to your goals there is absolutely no reason as to why you should not acheive them. 100% effort is not just needed in your training, it's needed in your lifestyle. You need to sleep better, eat better and obviously train better.

No. If you don't want to put 100% in you won't get 100% out. You want to do 50% of the work you will get 50% of the results.

Can I see myself achieving these goals?
Yes. It is important to visualise yourself looking and feeling how you want. This keeps you on track emotionally and motivates you to succeed.

No. You need to re-evaulate your state of mind. WIth a negative attitude you will never succeed.

Do I want to receive compliments from family and friends on how great I look?
Yes. Who doesn't love a compliment from anyone in general? These compliments are the result of dedication and hard work. It's nice to know your effort isn't going unnoticed.

No. Fair enough, but compliments from other people help you realise you're looking great, if you can't see it but they can it's nice to know you've changed whether you think you have or not.

Have I set myself a timeframe of when I want achieve these goals?
Yes. It is vital that goals are set within in a timeframe, it keeps you consistently chasing it and gives you a deadline to triumph it by.

No. Goal setting with a timeframe is essential. Without the deadline it may be an on going goal that never gets accomplished.

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