Our Age Groups

2.5 - 3.5 years old



(30 minute sessions)


Helps to develop basic gross motor skills through simple movements of the arms and legs. This includes movements such as running, picking up equipment and jumping.

3.5-5 years old



(40 minute sessions)


Helps children learn to use their fine motor skills. Some of the fine motor skills that we teach is throwing and catching balls, hitting targets and using  basic foot skills required for most sports. Whilst there is a strong focus on individual skills it is also an introduction into teamwork.

5-7 years old



(45 minute sessions)

Encourages children to use their mind and partake in full-bodied skills.

They learn how to make critical decisions when playing sport. E.g. when to pass a ball before they’re touched by an opponent.

They’ll also learn correct technique on how to execute specific skills required for each sport.

This program is based heavily on learning how to cooperate with other children, work as a team and developing leadership skills required in everyday aspects of life.