Session Terms and Conditions 

When purchasing these packages the buyer assumes all responsibility for contacting the trainer when they are unavailable to attend training. Buyer must give a minimum of 4 hours notice before cancelling a session. If buyer does not not contact trainer or contacts in under 4 hours a session will be forfeited. The team at CAMFIT can not offer any refunds once sessions are purchased.
12 week challenge Terms and Conditions


Client must train a minimum of 3-4 times per week doing bootcamp sessions over the 12-week phase at any of the 4 locations to choose from. If for whatever reason a bootcamp session is cancelled, client must replace session at a different location or with an “At home session.”


Client must consistently fill out the training and food diary provided for the entire 12-week period each day whilst following the trainers guidelines. The client must be willing to adapt positive change to their lifestyle habits.


Client must come to all measurements and testing days and put 100% effort in to all aspects of training each and every day.

If the client follows all guidelines from above and doesn’t achieve any of the following:
Weight Loss
Increased Strength

Increased Fitness

We guarantee you your money back.