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otor skills

We are passionate about health and fitness and improving the lives of the people who participate in our programs. We enjoy the opportunity to introduce our sports to your students to improve their fitness and to boost their confidence by introducing them to new skills that are a lot of fun!

Introduction to popular sports to help your child determine the right sport for them in the future


Cater to diverse learners in a safe, fun and supportive environment


Promote positive, high energy participation, whilst building resilience and inclusion


Highly trained coaches who are passionate about physical activity passionate out


Emphasis on character building


In-depth analysis on each child with each sport


Educate children on what a healthy lifestyle looks like


Demonstrating movement skills, concepts, applying solutions and strategies to respond confidently and creatively in static positions, rotation and locomotion in a variety of sports.​

Encouraging safe, responsible, physically active, healthy lifestyle choices and positive well-being at school and beyond

Building emotional resilience, self-management, leadership and confident interpersonal skills​

Providing ongoing assessment, self-reflection, affirmative feedback and evaluation